Parks & Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Varnell Gym

The Varnell City Gym is used for many purposes. The recreational activities held at the Gym are scheduled by Whitfield County Recreation. Rentals for parties are available at this facility please call (706)694-8800 to check for availability. Please see our rental application under links and resources for the prices and regulations.

Varnell Community Center

The Varnell Community Center serves several different functions. The center is available to rent for events. Please see our rental application under links and resources for the prices and regulations. There are also local community activities held at the Community Center several times a week. For all inquires for rental or attending the community activities please call City Hall at (706)694-8800.

Varnell Pavilion

The Varnell Pavilion is located on West Varnell Main St., and is also open to the public. Every year a Farmers Market is held at the pavilion four days a week, June – September. We do not reserve this facility for parties, but you are more than welcome to use it for one. Just remember this facility is public and can not restrict access from the playground nor the shelter.

Basketball Courts & Baseball Fields

The basketball courts are open to the public. There is a curfew of 11:00pm. We ask that if you use the basketball courts please be courteous and help keep the area clean so everyone can enjoy it.

Varnell currently has two active baseball fields. They are located behind the Varnell Gym. These fields are open to the public but are also used and maintained by Whitfield County Recreation. There is a curfew of 11:00 pm.

Nob North Golf Course

Varnell Springs Trail

Walking Track

The Varnell Walking Track is a wonderful way to exercise while the children are playing. There is a playground that was just completed in 2018 in the middle of the walking track. The walking track is well illuminated for evening walks. The curfew for the walking track is 11:00 pm.